We use special farming methods. We work scientifically.

When we harvest the grapes we grow, we make fine scientific calculations. Our vineyards are managed with the method developed by the Florentine Andrea Paoletti. We follow his instructions to the letter. He is a leading oenologist and an academic. We choose the grapes by hand, one by one, remove the stems and ferment them in special, cooled fermentation tanks and age the wine in French oak barrels. We proceed carefully.

We pick by hand, choose the grapes one by one… We sort and clean them.

Harvest Festival

At harvest time we pick the grapes by hand and choose them individually. As a family, we start the day at 6 in the morning, at sunrise. We pick the grapes with the family who maintains the vineyard, they are natives of the region and have now become part of our family. These grapes are carried in 13-kilo baskets. To prevent any bruising of the grapes we take them to the winery and place them on the conveyor belts one bunch at a time. The eight-member team takes its place on either side of the conveyor belt and sorts through by hand, discarding dry, green or deformed grapes. The bunches are cleaned and separated from the stems with a grape destemming machine. The eight-member team removes the smaller stems by hand and the final check is performed. Each grape is brought up to the intake of the fermentation tank on another conveyor belt. An apparatus just cracks the grapes and they are sent into the tank.

We carry out this process all day. Then, with our Italian expert, we perform the required follow-up and tests. From here on it is strictly enjoyment. After a tiring day of work, we enjoy the pleasure we’ve waited for all year. Wine is a gift of nature…