Our Story

Selendi wines was established in 2000. Its vineyards are developing every day and it continues to produce quality wines. The story of the establishment of Selendi wines began with our idea that the countryside of Akhisar deserved its own distinctive, special wine. The region in which the Selendi vineyards were established has been famous for vineyards and wine-making since ancient times. In 2000 BC the Hittites lived here and had vineyards and made wine. We bought tobacco fields in the region and began establishing the Selendi vineyards in the year 2000. We produced our own grapes in our own vineyard. We managed the vineyard under the supervision of French and Italian consultants. We took responsibility for everything from the choice of grapes to the pruning of the vines and from pest-control to maintenance.

We paid attention to each grape that entered our own winery. Over the years we meticulously practiced the finer points of organic farming and employed farm workers from neighboring villages. When we harvested the grapes we produced, we worked hand-in-hand with the laborers and families of our region… We only use the grapes we produce ourselves. We neither buy nor sell grapes… We remained committed to the production method known as “Chateau style”.

The production in our winery is carried out with great care, and we have received a hygienic work environment certificate from HACCP. We age our wines in French oak barrels. We proceeded carefully, and continued to take all necessary precautions…

Selendi has rewarded us for all of the work we have done. In time our wines developed and improved. Our new products took their place in both domestic and international markets and were granted international awards.

Selendi wines are capable of competing with the best wines in the world, and indeed of surpassing them. Our goal for the coming years is to produce one of the best wines in the world. We work to produce the highest quality wines, taking advantage of the great opportunity offered to us by nature, the soil, the climate and the water.

We are eternally grateful to this precious land that offers us the best of wines.

Akın Öngör

Selendi’s Distinction

Selendi’s Distinction

Boutique Production: We don’t produce millions of bottles of wine, we produce smaller amounts with great care.

Chateau Style Production: We pick the grapes in the morning when it’s cool, carry them in small baskets and remove the stems by hand. We sort through the grapes and discard those that have dried.

Quality: We consult wine experts to find the best-tasting blends. We age the wine in French oak barrels.

Contribution to Art: Every year we use the work of a contemporary Turkish painter for the labels on our bottles.

Contribution to Nature

Organic Farming

Sustainability Program

Wine of Passion

Wine of Passion

It all began with passion. Akın Öngör set out to fulfill his dream. “Establishing the vineyards began as a hobby. Our aim was to grow the best quality grapes for wine production. It was only with care and dedication to quality that the dream came true. I was extremely pleased with my first taste of our product. Imagine buying a corn field that’s completely bare. You plow it and turn it into a vineyard. You take care of it for two or three years, water the vines, protect them from the cold and prune them. Sometimes you stretch awnings over them to protect them from the sun. In the end a baby is brought into the world: The grape… Then, in a festive atmosphere, you pick the grapes by hand with the family that looks after the vineyard, you carry out your first vendage. You process the grapes with great care, and put the wine into barrels for aging. You age it for a year and then taste it. Finally your product is ready, and it is splendid. This is the grace of God. You have produced wine from the soil. The earth and the climate grant you this. This is abundance…”

Selendi’s Philosophy

Selendi’s Philosophy

Organic farming, sustainability, giving back what we take from nature, and consequently the production of the highest quality wines.