Corporate Responsibility


We opened a vocational high school to make it possible for the girls of Akhisar to study and to stand on their own feet. This school was my wife’s brain child. The school’s full name is Manisa-Akhisar-Zeynep Gülin Öngör Vocational and Technical Anadolu High School. At present there are 1,350 girls studying various vocational subjects and preparing to begin their professional lives.

In this high school, which uses cutting edge technology, female students learn domestic skills and management as well as vocational skills. The students can use the internet in the computer lab throughout the day. The school provides education in computer skills, graphic design, foreign languages, textiles, food preparation and hospitality, handcrafts (needlework, sewing, etc.) and pedagogy and it has a high success rate. Every year it produces competent graduates and the girls carry on with their lives with the confidence of having a profession. Even though we handed the school over to the National Ministry of Education, we continue to support it. I give talks at various companies in exchange for grants to the school. We did not come from wealthy families. We started from scratch and earned everything we have today. We believe that those who created greater opportunities for themselves should, at a certain point in their lives, give the money they earned back to the society and the nation in which they live, and we are thankful that we have been able to do this. It is very important for the sustainability of this society, and for the mothers of the future to be strong and independent, that our girls in Akhisar can receive an education and learn a profession so that they can stand on their own feet. We hope that this model will set an example for young people.